I decided to launch this blog to accommodate my new website “miniwoodgas.com” in the hopes of motivating others who have built working gasifiers to share their data with others who may be wanting to try this for themselves. Thanks, Flash001USA


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  1. Joe Papa says:

    Hey guys, just thought I’d let everyone know I did some more testing on the ninja and the electrical system. For some reason , notifications were not sent out, so here is the link if you want to see the progress. https://youtu.be/7bplTdCwXsM
    I still have a few bugs to work out, but it’s finally making power on demand. I will continue to test on propane till I get things all squared away, then I will be able to fire up the gasifier and run on wood. I’m looking for suggestions on why I’m only seeing about half of the rated power output from my inverters. Bill did leave his feedback and I will try his idea when I get a chance. Later. Joe

  2. Pete Rosenkrans says:

    In answer to all the talk I’ve missed…. I use biochar mix, and burn up a fair amount of plastic, too.
    I just started a methanol cow to see what the output is…..been wanting a still, but haven’t had time.
    Keep in touch,my fellow gassers.

    • Bill Weigle says:

      Hey Pete,
      Question for you about the plastic. Do you chop it up small? and what do you figure the ratio is to the wood ? Do the still , Man ! Just Do it !

      • Pete Rosenkrans says:

        I run it thru a cheapo wood mulcher, I also just save all small bottle lids and they go in like that… I go about a20 to 1 ratio- works pretty good. depending how hard you’re pulling on it. As for the still….OK, I pretty much accidentally got most of what I need. I see some possibilities!

      • Pete Rosenkrans says:

        I actually have a pretty decent phone ( camera) now too. I was thinking this fall?

  3. Joe Papa says:

    I have a question for everyone. What are your thoughts on adding some biochar to your gasifier fuel? I’m thinking you can change volatiles to fixed carbon ratio from 80/20 to more of a 50/50 ratio allowing more carbon to be available for the reduction reactions. I think there are more advantages than just the ratos. You can lower the pyrolysis load on the combustion zone by diluting the amount of raw fuel passing into the combustion zone. Plus everyone talks about having leftover usable biochar, and it can be a good way of getting the rest of the energy out of the biochar. I just thought it would be interesting to hear what everyone’s thoughts are on the subject. Joe

    • CNCmacfun says:

      Howdee Joe,
      Yes, I think you’ll find that this idea works quite well.
      Bill does it, and I seem to remember that he gets good results from it, while also getting rid of all that leftover chark-o-cola 🙂 .

      Best wishes,

    • Bill Weigle says:

      I’ve been doing that for awhile now. I do save some for starter char , screen the fines out from the accumulated char collected in the bottom of the barrel. Most of the salvaged char gets mixed back in with the wood chips at about 5:1 , The fines go into the garden or sometimes get tracked into the house.
      I also just started snipping little pieces of plastic and adding that in to the mix. Jury is still out on that one.

      • Bill it’s strange to hear you mention plastic as an additive because years ago when I started this I talked to this guy that like “down under” Steve lived totally off grid and he used to swear by it. He used old plastic coke bottles and chopped them up into tiny pieces. He said that way it wouldn’t turn to melted goo and clog things up. I’ve never tried it but I do see where biochar would work. I’ve tried biochar but I couldn’t tell you how well it works since it’s been a long time. I’ve also trued pure biochar during a run and yeah it produced gas but it isn’t efficient with our types of gasifiers so you really need to build a gasifier that is designed just for biochar. but that’s another story for another time.

      • CNCmacfun says:

        Yeah, that Steve guy from down under is a bit of a strange booger.
        He chases camels around the farm with his infernal flying machines, while living off grid like some sort of weird hippie 😉 .
        Yup, plastic bits, mixed in with the treezel bits, works like a charm, and it certainly does add a noticeable degree of watty oomph to the volty goodness coming from the generator.
        I wood suggest that you don’t add more than about 5% by volume of plastic to the wood, so as to ensure that your charcoal bed doesn’t lose its integrity during a run.
        Mine eats a lot of plastic during the year, and it is none the worse for wear, other than getting kinda old and worn out 🙂 .

      • Bill Weigle says:

        Hey Mike, How’s the arm doing? Yeah, I’m in pretty close touch with the wildly talented Steve from down under and all the trials he’s had. I think he said he runs 20:1 wood to plastic when he has it from the CNC turnings.
        I have noticed the flare goes from blue to red-orange when the bits hit the jack pot. I’ll try it out on the Left For Dead Honda by and by. Hope everyone is well !
        Bill NH Hbbyloggr

      • Bill the guy I used to talk to when I got into this went by the youtube name technofreak and he said it gave the gas some more punch but like anything else I would have to tinker with it to get an idea if and how much it contributed to the engine performance. As to the arm I’m just glad it’s still attached to me. It’s still sore and I can only get temporary range in it because once I rest it, it gets tight. Only the shadow knows how long it will be before I get free movement back in it.

      • Pete Rosenkrans says:

        Flash, try putting Knox gelatin in 1/2 cup water let it set out till it turns to gelatin, then gag that down your hatch for a month- ya read up on it, the stuff can do your joints slot of good. I’m not a doctor, but I play one all the time, check it out.

      • Pete Rosenkrans says:

        It’s really just a lot worse than lumpy malt o meal, but man does it work. There’s also turmeric curcumin, or cinnamon, both In the vitamin aisle, true cinnamon has a lot of good properties, once again- I am not a doctor, but I do offer free medical exam’s to pretty girls, I do not get a lot of willing ladies, unfortunately.
        Oh well, it’s a numbers game.

      • Bill Weigle says:

        Pete, No girls are interested in medical doctors, but hang out a shingle saying you are a recovering woodgas voodoo doctor of questionable moral character and you will have to buy a reservation book…..maybe even start a lotto. They can call me for references if you need me.

      • Pete Rosenkrans says:

        Mike, sounds like you’re on the right track, you know those surgeons can be a little rough, I’ve watched videos of surgeries that make me cry…. try the Knox, it’s got no flavor, just the consistency that can be” hard to swallow”…. it really turned me around, but I was just sore- nothing like your situation, but what can it hurt, and it’s cheap. I use them all, I, too, am a ” health nut” and like natural medicines over pharmaceutical stuff. even the Bible tells us to avoid pharmacist, but anyway, keep moving, I hope things improve.

      • Pete Rosenkrans says:

        Mike- do not go for the pies! We have all kinds here and while they might work in the gasifier, they’re still turds if ya eat them. I switched shifts and jobs and I was hurting, every tendon, ligament and muscle.knox did wonders for me. Also try glucosamine chondroitin- that also helps your joints.
        Good luck I hope ya find some relief!!

      • Pete I started taking glucosamine chondroitin again this week. I’m not sure if this is tendons or what. The only thing I can think is when they had my arm cut open they probably pulled the bone they were putting back together out enough to reattach the broken pieces so my thinking is they stretched things in ways that they would not normally get stretched plus I did have a muscle that was ripped in half that they put back together. Dude this has sucked but all I can do is continue to work out and hope for the best.

  4. Bill W. NH Hbbyloggr says:

    The day begins with soft cello music in the background, the sun about to peek through the trees. The predawn breeze shimmers the leaves as the music builds intensity.
    It is the day we have all been waiting. A new dawn, a new bug bitten wood gas victim is about to wander into the shop as a willing subject, soon to become a convert, one of the chosen few to unlock the secrets of the sweet wood tea.
    He shall have is pockets filled with precious chunks of Butt Cut puzzle pieces upon his initiation. His palms pushed into the puddle of post gasification wood tea. He will smell his fingers with pride, knowing the release of pure energy was good, magical and he now shares the power to turn the key to unlock the chest filled with volts and watts. Amps be unto you who believe. Before you lies the freedom from the grid. Now go forth and set forth a flurry of hatchet swings, chunk wood and bring peace to your soul.

    Anonymous Hbbyloggr

  5. Joe Papa says:

    Just thought I’d share the link to a short update. The are a lot of details that I would have liked to put in this video, but I know it would take a couple of weeks till I get the time to get the editing done. So this is more of a teaser video right now. https://youtu.be/Y-deFXS5vcs

  6. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the quick response! I have started to construct the hearth and wanted to make sure the fire cone dimension were capable of supporting a 20HP (12KW) generator. I found a sweet deal on a slightly used generator that was hard to pass up! I do see in Flash’s videos that he is using a 5 HP engine and his design should support up to a 15HP generator. He mentions increasing the size of the air intake nozzle (1/2” to ¾”) and the reduction zone cone for the size of engine that you plan to run. Any recommendations on the reduction zone cone would be greatly appreciated. I know there is a chart for the sizing of the FEMA burn tub to engine size, does such a chart exist for the Imbert style gasifier?

    I also did not see the thickness of steel used to make the reduction zone cone called out. I assume it is 1/8”.

    • Hi Allen Flash (Mike) here. When I built this design a lot of it was trial and error and The true upper end of the gasifier may be closer to 12.5 Hp. Bill (NH Hbbyloggr) has tested larger engines so you may want to pick his brain too. I’ll be more than glad to give you as much feedback as I can if you need it. Good luck with the build.

  7. Al Fraser says:

    Hello Everyone, first off I wanted to thank Flash for building this web site. I know that making all the videos and compiling all this information on wood gasification and no easy task. I would also like to thank all the other Wood Gaser for contributing and sharing their knowledge. I have watched all the videos at least once and read through the blog. This was very educational, thanks again! I have heard mention of a PDF file of drawing of the Flashifier. Would it be possible to get a copy of this file? If possible could someone email it to me at afraser@metrocast.net. I have started to gather the materials needed to build a Flashifier and think these drawings would aid in the process.
    Hi Bill, I live in central New Hampshire and would love to pay you a visit and see your gasifier. Please let me know if that would be possible. Al

    • Bill Weigle says:

      Hi Al, and welcome. We have all had good success with Flash001USA’s basic design. Everyone building one of these has modified their rig to suit their needs and have lived to tell about it here on the Blog. There are a couple of other builders with different designs but as we know ” all roads lead to Rome “.
      At the moment my gasifier is apart being modified , though all the components are here waiting their turn for restoration. You are more than welcome to come have a look, share your story and I’m sure we can be of help if you need it. I’m hoping to be back together in a month but there are forces out there competing for my time. That said, all I have to do is weld on one pipe and I can stitch it all back together to demonstrate a run for you. I would be happy to do that. Where in the Granite State do you live? Send me your Email address to hbbyloggr@gmail.com and I’ll tell you our address. Basically we are 20 miles west of Manchester. Even if it is not running there is plenty to show to help you get started.
      Give me a heads up in a week or so and I’ll make sure it is operational for you.–Bill NH Hbbyloggr

    • Mark says:

      Hey there Al and welcome. Bill contacted me and told me of a new victim on mimiwoodgas. I will send you the PDF files later this afternoon after I get finished with my dirty deeds for the day. I will send them in 3 to 4 e-mails as there are like 12 separate pages. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    • Joe Papa says:

      Welcome Al. I think between Flash’s videos and the pdf’s and a little time reviewing the details, it will all be very clear. If you do have any trouble, all of us will offer help. Just remember we like pictures and videos so keep us posted. Let us know if you need anything. Joe

  8. Unique3 says:

    Hi Everyone,
    So I’ve been buried with work and spring tasks at my lot so I had shelved starting my gassifier until the fall.
    Completely unrelated to woodgas I was looking into a still for making …. water. I stumbled across an article about distilling methanol from wood. Where I am distilling fuel is legal.
    I started thinking about switching my power focus from a gassifier to a methanol plant. Then instead of having to startup the gassifier every day to charge my batteries I could run the methanol plant periodcaly (monthly maybe) and build up a reserve to run the generator. Then the generator could even be started automatically when needed even when I am not there, something that is not possible with a gassifier.

    Another added benefit is for methanol production the smaller the wood pieces the better so running on wood chips is ideal. This means wood production should be easier given my potential fuel source (logging slash piles)

    Has anyone else looked into creating methanol for running their generator on? Would love some feedback even if its that you think I’m crazy.

    • Joe Papa says:

      You could check out the all power labs videos. I do believe they are doing some research on gas to liquid fuel. Here is the link . https://youtu.be/KFtrhz47K3Y I’m not sure if this is what you are referring to , but I knew I saw this so I thought I’d share it. Joe

    • Mark says:

      I have all the parts and pieces to make a still as well for making………water………
      Actually, I have 16 big batteries on my solar system that need it and had thought about making hooch to see how it works in one of my spare engines. I know that during prohibition, the moonshiners would run the hooch in their tanks for a boost to outrun the Feds that were chasing them. That is also where NASCAR kind of got it’s start. Think Junior Johnson. But in today’s engines with the rubber parts in the carbs and the valve material ( think unleaded fuel compared to leaded), it may be a problem. But, if you are planning on having solar out at your place, a still is not a bad thing to have for your battery bank. Beats buying distilled water.

      • Pete Rosenkrans says:

        Mike, sounds like you’re on the right track, you know those surgeons can be a little rough, I’ve watched videos of surgeries that make me cry…. try the Knox, it’s got no flavor, just the consistency that can be” hard to swallow”…. it really turned me around, but I was just sore- nothing like your situation, but what can it hurt, and it’s cheap. I use them all, I, too, am a ” health nut” and like natural medicines over pharmaceutical stuff. even the Bible tells us to avoid pharmakia, but anyway, keep moving, I hope things improve.

      • Pete Rosenkrans says:

        Marvel mystery oil mixed into hooch, or gasoline, will lubricate those plastic and rubber pieces, helping to keep your engine from the deteriorating effects of” strong gas”

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